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WAGO Product Ranges


Wago TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® reliability have a large range of cross-sections, offering the right terminal block for all building applications. WAGO's installation rail-mount terminal blocks provide the security of being prepared for increasing and ever-changing building requirements. For the N-disconnect terminal blocks, you have the choice between the variant with internal N-disconnection or the N-disconnection from then N-busbar. The main features of the TOPJOB® S Installation Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks are:

  • Connect up to four conductors ranging from 0.5 to 4 mm2 (20–12 AWG)
  • Fast, on-site wiring with Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology: simple termination of solid conductors, fine-stranded conductors with ferrules or ultrasonically bonded conductors
  • With optional, automatic grounding contact to the mounding plate, the plate's varnish is instantly penetrated
  • Push-buttons for easy installation with an operating tool or by hand
  • Built-in test points simplify testing with 2 mm Ø test plug

WAGO JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners and Isolation Amplifiers

WAGO signal conditioners and isolation amplifiers from the JUMPFLEX® family handle all major functions of isolation, amplification, filtration and conversion for various application areas providing a secure and error-free signal transfer – thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals for worldwide applications. The focus is on usability and absolute reliability. WAGO’s signal conditioners and isolation amplifiers keep a uniform profile within cabinets. This allows easy commoning of the supply voltage, eliminating the need for time-consuming wiring of individual components. The range features:

  • Calibrated switching between measurement ranges to always ensure equal precision
  • Input/output response simulation (2857 Series)
  • Can be used under extreme environmental conditions (−40 … +70°C)
  • Safe isolation per DIN EN 61010-1
  • Intuitive configuration via software, app, display, DIP or push/slide switch

WAGO PLC Controllers

Optimum performance and availability: Thanks to their ultra-high performance, low power consumption, numerous interfaces, space-saving design and high reliability, WAGO’s user-friendly controllers (PLCs) are cost-effective automation solutions.

  • Programmable with e!COCKPIT (CODESYS 3) and CODESYS 2
  • Fieldbus-independent – compatible with all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards
  • Scalable computing power from fieldbus controllers to PFC100 and PFC200 Controllers
  • Combinable with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750: 500+ I/O modules for maximum flexibility and functional variety
  • Also ideal for extreme environments

The WAGO PLC Controller family includes:

  • PFC100: The PFC100 Controller provides maximum outputs in a compact housing. An excellently equipped controller at a compelling cost-benefit ratio.
  • PFC200: WAGO's most powerful line of controllers. PFC200 Controllers are ideal for a wide variety of applications in industrial, process and building automation.
  • PFC200 XTR: The PFC200 XTR Controllers for extreme environments: Engineering, controlling and visualizing where other controllers fail. These controllers withstand extreme climates, vibration, impacts and surge voltages.
  • 750 Controllers: WAGO's 750 Series Controllers are ideal for a wide variety of applications in industrial, process and building automation. These modular controllers are available for all prominent fieldbus systems within the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM.
  • 750 XTR Controllers: Built for extreme environments: Rated for cold and heat from −40 to +70°C. Extreme isolation up to 5 kV of impulse voltage and vibration resistance up to 5g of acceleration.

WAGO Installation Terminal Blocks and Connectors

WAGO's line of installation terminal blocks and connectors has a solution for every installation job. Push-in termination of solid conductors, such as that offered by the WAGO junction box connectors, saves customers plenty of time and money. Other benefits include:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • The right terminal block and connector for every application
  • Minimal space requirements enable high wiring density
  • Clearly organized wiring in control cabinets and junction boxes
  • Maintenance-free installation
  • Permanent, secure connections

WAGO's wide range of installation terminal blocks and connectors include:

  • WAGOBOX range of junction boxes for installer connectors: The WAGOBOX range of enclosures is suitable for MF application when using our 221, 2273, 773 and 222 Series connectors.
  • WAGO 221 series compact splicing connector: The 221 Series Splicing Connectors connect solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors easily, quickly and safely. Easily terminate conductors up to 6 mm2 (10 AWG).
  • WAGO 2773 Push-Wire connectors: WAGO's 2773 series offer a compact and safe way to connect solid and stranded conductors. These connectors are extremely safe with low insertion forces and high retention forces. Large connection area and different conductor types can be combined in a small housing
  • WAGO lighting connectors: WAGO's lighting connectors are ideal for connection between solid and fine-stranded conductors. Approved as independent equipment per EN 60998, these connectors can be used in nearly all household applications and similar building installations where a connection between solid and fine-stranded conductors is required.
  • WAGO Installer Connectors Selection Cases: Comes in a selection of 235, 195 and 75 connectors.

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