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Baumer Product Ranges


Baumer: Cylindrical M18 photoelectric sensors

Reliable and cost-efficient object detection in compact industrial standard housings. Competitively priced. Features 6 sensor principles for universal use. Available in plastic, brass and stainless-steel housing with ranges up to 55 meters.

M18 Industrial Standard

  • Cost-efficient M18 sensors in standard a housing
  • 6 sensor principles for accurate solutions
  • Transparency detection
  • External teach-in, qTeach or potentiometer

M18 Stainless Steel Sensors

  • Robust stainless-steel housing
  • Washdown design with IP 69K
  • Chemical-resistant PMMA front optics
  • The optimum solution thanks to 5 sensor principles
  • Transparency detection
  • External teach-in and qTeach

Baumer: Photoelectric sub/miniature sensors

Extremely compact designs for high machine design flexibility. Optimally designed for integration with robot arms. IO-Link for simple application-specific parameterization

Sub-miniature sensors series 04/07/08

  • Sized 4 mm and up with all-integrated electronics
  • Smallest adjustable optical sensor (series 7)
  • Cylindrical M8 housing
  • Diffuse sensors up to 80 mm
  • Through-beam sensor up to 2.5 m

Miniature sensors

  • Size 10 and 12 mm
  • Cylindrical M12 housing
  • LED and laser versions
  • Point and line beam shape
  • Diffuse sensors up to 200 mm
  • Through-beam sensor up to 10 m

Photoelectric miniature sensors – O200

  • Size from 8 mm
  • Adjustable via qTeach or IO-Link
  • LED and laser with qTarget
  • Extremely high immunity to ambient light
  • Point and line beam shape
  • Diffuse sensors up to 200 mm
  • Through-beam sensor up to 6 m

Miniature sensors – O300

  • Size 12,9 mm
  • Sensors with extra power in plastic or stainless-steel housing
  • Laser, red light and infrared LED with qTarget
  • Point and line versions
  • Retro-reflective light barriers up to 300 mm
  • Through-beam sensors up to 75 m

A sophisticated product range

Baumer have a wide product portfolio ranging from object detection devices such as:

  • Sensors
  • Proximity switches
  • Light barriers for object and position detection
  • Counters and displays for acquisition, display and control of process data and measured values such as: unit numbers, times, rotational speeds and positions.

Baumer: Inductive proximity switches

Compact, sturdy, maintenance-free and durable, Baumer proximity switches come with all integrated evaluation electronics and large sensing distance

Sub-miniature sensors: Cylindrical sensors from Ø3 mm. Sensing distance up to 2 mm. Installation depth 4mm onwards

Miniature sensors: Cylindrical sensors from Ø6.5 mm to M8. Sensing distance up to bis 2 mm. Installation depth 8mm onwards

Standard sensors: Sizes from 12mm - 30mm. Sensing distance up to 15 mm. All integrated evaluation electronics

Large sensing distance: Cylindrical designs from Ø6.5 mm to M30. Sensing distance up to 24 mm. Large installation tolerances

Inductive sensors with reduction factor 1: Designs from Ø6 mm to M30.Detects stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metal with same sensing distance. High switching frequencies up to 3 kHz

Extreme sturdy inductive proximity switches: High pressure resistant and high temperature sensors immune to welding and magnetic fields up to 90 MT. ATEX and DNV-GL certified sensors for potentially explosive areas and on/offshore applications

Hygienic design inductive sensors: EHEDG certified switches in stainless steel housing. IP69K long term sealed that is impervious to temperature fluctuations. Uses FDA compliant materials and has high chemical resistance. Perfect for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

IO-Link inductive sensors: Features additional process data like frequency measurement and counter function. Acquisition and evaluation of additional diagnostic data. Carries out individual and application-specific parameterization.

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