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Schmersal Product Ranges


Schmersal Solenoid Interlock Switches: The AZM Range

The Schmersal AZM range has been designed to prevent the opening of safety guards like fences, flaps and doors until all hazardous conditions are eliminated. The solenoid interlocks of the AZM series works alongside the control part of the machine like the Schmersal Fail-Safe Delay Timers or the Schmersal Fail-Safe Standstill Monitors. The solenoid interlocks AZM 161, 170, 190 and 415 are fitted with protection against incorrect locking. Individual coding of the actuator on certain units is possible.

The Schmersal solenoid interlocks AZM range can mount in any position required by your system. Protection class of the solenoid interlocks is IP 54, IP 65 or IP 67. The AZM range comes in double insulated thermoplastic enclosures.


The Schmersal AZM range of solenoid interlock switches

  • AZM 161: The dimensions are 130mm x 90mm x 30mm. Supports up to 6 contacts and has a long operating life cycle. Provides protection against incorrect locking.
  • AZM 170: The dimensions are 90mm x 84mm x 30mm. Has a compact design with a high holding force. Provides protection against incorrect locking.
  • AZM 190: The dimensions are 89mm x 178mm x 41mm. Comes in a slim design with a wiring compartment, a cut clamp termination and a sealing mechanism to prevent dust collection. Supports 2 cable entries M 20x1.5. The actuating head can be repositioned by 4x90°.
  • AZM 201: Includes RFID-technology for needs-based protection against tampering. 200m maximum sensor chain length. Comes with a self-monitoring series-wiring of 31 sensors, 3 LEDs for showing operating conditions, Intelligent diagnosis and a sensor technology that allows an offset between actuator and interlock of ± 5 mm vertically and ± 3 mm horizontally. Allows manual release.
  • AZM 201D: Features 2 OSSD safety outputs for guard door and locking monitoring. Comes in a symmetrical construction form allowing assembly on 40mm profiles. Equipped with an emergency exit/release suitable for retrofitting and a sensor technology allowing an offset between actuator and interlock of ± 5 mm vertically and ± 3 mm horizontally. Allows manual release.

Schmersal Magnetic Safety Sensors: The BNS Series

The BNS series magnetic safety sensors are used to monitor the position of sliding, hinged or removable safety guard. The advantages of magnetic safety sensors are more apparent in cases of extreme rough condition with a requirement for high hygienic standards to be maintained. This is provided by the simplicity of cleaning of the devices.

The BNS series is popular in applications where larger tolerances are required. These devices comprise a multi-channel magnetic safety sensor and an actuating magnet. All magnetic safety sensors are in thermoplastic enclosures and protected to protection class IP 67 or 65. Some of these sensors are extremely popular in the food processing industry like the Schmersal BNS 16, BNS 33.


Innovations For The Machinery Safety of Tomorrow

With a staff of more than 100 people working at six plants worldwide, Schmersal's Research & Development (R&D) department is constantly translating new ideas into marketable products. This is where the stimuli and the products, constituting the basis of the innovation leadership of the Schmersal group on the market, come to life.

The R&D department is divided into three specialised fields:

  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Test Engineering

Popular Industries for Schmersal

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