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Phoenix Contact Product Ranges


Phoenix Contact Type 1+2 Combined Lightning Current and Surge Arrester

The Type 1+2 Lightning Current and Surge Arrester combination from Phoenix Contact provides the highest protection to your installations from lightning discharges or direct lightning strikes. Phoenix Contact’s high-performance lightning current arresters also route high lightning currents to ground with reliability in main distribution panels for low-voltage systems.

Best-seller from this product range is the FLASHTRAB SEC series from Phoenix Contact. Top features of this series include:

  • Maximum discharge capacity in an extremely compact design at continuous voltages up to 440V
  • Spark gap free of leakage current and line follow current
  • Low voltage protection level
  • Suitable for use in the unmetered area
  • High lightning impulse current and high discharge capacity
  • Ideal for use in lightning protection levels I/II

Phoenix Contact Type 2 Surge Protective Devices

The Type 2 Surge Protection devices are a necessity in every subdistribution. The Phoenix Contact range of Type 2 surge protective devices provide effective protection against dynamic disturbance variables like overvoltages caused due to operation switching. These devices are universally pluggable and allows usage of upto 315A without a backup fuse saving time, money and space. Best-seller from this Type 2 Surge Protection range is the VALVETRAB SEC series from Phoenix Contact. Top features of this series include:

  • Varistor arrester with a low leakage current
  • High-performance gas-filled surge arrester for N/PE protection
  • Extremely narrow design, just 12 mm per position
  • High continuous voltage of 350 V AC for 230/400 V AC networks with high voltage fluctuations
  • Pluggable
  • Low voltage protection level of 1.5 kV
  • Optical, mechanical status indicator
  • Floating remote indication contact
  • Plugs can be checked with CHECKMASTER 2

Phoenix Contact Type 3 Surge Protective Devices

IMPORTANT: Type 2 must be already installed in the subdistribution.The Type 3 Surge Protection devices are implemented as the third and last protection stage. The PLUGTRAB SEC range of Type 3 surge protective devices by Phoenix Contact provide effective protection to all AC and DC applications. Comes with Push-in connection technology enabling quick and tool-free installation and a plug-in capability facilitating easy maintenance and testing. Noteworthy features of this series include:

  • Powerful, varistor-based end device protection for industrial power supplies
  • Available with either Push-in connection or screw connection technology
  • Visual status indicator and floating remote indication contact for convenient monitoring of the operating state
  • Usable universally
  • Easy maintenance due to consistently pluggable protection modules
  • Optimal additional protection of the industrial power supply for a longer service life and increased availability of the system


Phoenix Contact Type 1+2 Combined Lightning Current and Surge Arrester Special

The FLASHTRAB SEC T1+T2 is the market's unique type 1+2 combined lightning current and surge arrester special from Phoenix Contact. The FLASHTRAB SEC T1+T2 series is the ideal protection for environments with frequent switching operations. Lightning currents are controlled safely by the powerful spark gap, while dynamic surge voltages are reliably limited by the varistor-based type 2 arresters.

  • Extends service life in sensitive installations with frequent switching operations in particular, thanks to the gentle response behavior of its integrated varistor
  • Saves time, money, and space thanks to use up to 315 A without a backup fuse
  • Uninterrupted system operation through the use of technology-leading spark gaps with safe disconnect devices
  • Easy maintenance thanks to the universally pluggable protective devices

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